a simple time line for vue2
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$ cnpm install vue-timeline 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.


It just a simple time line component for vue 2.0
source code from click me!

  • Data from json
  • Responsive


  • npm
  • vue2.0.1+
  • bootstrap3

That's all.


  1. Binding properties
<timeLine :points="points"></timeLine>
  1. Config the points (all can be ignored)
points: [
            pointColor: 'red', // important! the color of every time point and you can use red yellow or green *关键点颜色 可选red yellow green
            img: '', // img url for every time point 图片地址 可留空
            title: 'hello world', // important! title *时间点标题
            text: 'first post', // important! the content you want show *时间点内容
            linkUrl: '', // url for read more 链接url 留空则不显示按钮
            linkText: 'Read detail', // show what in read for more button 按钮显示内容 默认为Read more
            date: '2017-1-1' // time of the point 时间点
  1. Get the current time point's all parameters you write
<timeLine @currentPoint="your function"></timeLine>



To Do List

  • config for max showing points
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