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$ cnpm install voy -g
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Batch modify the NPM dependent CLI tools, simplify the module uninstall and migration operations. 中文文档


Quick Start

$ npx voy rm <match-rule> [options]
$ npx voy mg <match-rule> [options]


$ npx voy rm ^eslint -D   # remove package which's name start with `eslint` in `devDependencies`
$ npx voy mg '^(?!react)' # remove package which's name not start with `react` in `dependencies`
$ npx voy rm loader$ -D   # remove package which's name end with `loader` in `devDependencies`


Name: match-rule
Type: RegExp|string
Options: all

Module corresponding to name matching, Can be regular expressions or the string that matching all modules.

Name: options
Type: string
Options: -D

Whether it works on the devDependencies field in package.json, which is consistent with the npm I package -D in NPM.

Batch delete module

Batch deletion uses the voy rm command to receive a regular expression or a string valued at all as a parameter. Such as:

$ npx voy rm babel

The above command delete all the module in the package.json dependencies which's name including the babel. If you want to delete the module in devDependencies, you need to add a -D parameter. Such as:

$ npx voy rm babel -D

If you want to uninstall all the modules in the dependencies, you can do it directly through the all command.

$ npx voy rm all

Batch migration module

Module migration refers to the switch between dependencies and devDependencies locations that depend on package.json. For example, when the eject command is executed in the create-react-app generated project, all the modules will exist in the dependencies module. Execution at this time:

$ npx voy mg '^(?!react)'

You can transfer all the dependencies modules which' name don't start with React to the devDependencies field.

Of course, you can transfer all modules from devDependencies to the dependencies field.

$ npx voy mg all -D

Using in node

$ npm i voy -S


Name: filter
Type: RegExp

Name: field
Type: string
Options: dep|dev


const voy = require('voy')
voy({ filter: /loader$/, field: 'dep' }).rm()
voy({ filter: /vue/ }).mg()



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