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Vidi: Dashboard is a web app used to chart metrics from Vidi: Metrics. The default installation includes support for charting node processes preloaded with Toolbag. Data is shown on various charts over 120 seconds. Check the Org for more plugins to enhance the dashboard's functionality.

  • Work in progress: This module is currently a work in progress.


To run the dashboard,

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Run docker-compose -f test/influx.yml up
  3. Run npm install
  4. Run npm run build
  5. Run npm run start

Also you can watch the files for changes and automatically rebuild the sources by running npm run watch in a different terminal.


A number of premade services are included to demo the dashboard. There are three services that can be ran,

  • npm run healthy a healthy low usage processes
  • npm run leaker a process that rapidly consumes memory, eventually crashes
  • npm run sleeper a process that sleeps the event loop at regular intervals

Simply run each process in a new terminal window, they will appear on the dashboard shortly after starting. To add your own processes simply preload them with Toolbag.


This project is in it's infancy, documentation will come after stability.


The Vidi: Insights org encourages open and safe participation.

If you feel you can help in any way, be it with documentation, examples, extra testing, or new features please get in touch.


Copyright (c) 2016, Dean McDonnell and other contributors. Licensed under MIT.

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