Vue wrapper for Siema carousel
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$ cnpm install v-siema 
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Vue wrapper for Siema carousel.

Siema is a lightweight (only 3kb gzipped) carousel plugin with no dependencies and no styling. It is 100% open source and available on Github.

Full docs with examples: https://pawelgrzybek.com/siema/.




$ yarn add v-siema --dev
# or ...
$ npm i v-siema --save-dev

Register the component:

import Vue from 'vue';
import { Siema } from 'v-siema';

Vue.component('siema', Siema);

Alternatively using Vue.use() to register the component:

import Siema from 'v-siema';



Display the component using any custom markup that fits your use case:

            <!-- The Slides -->
            <div v-for="n in 5">
                <img src="http://via.placeholder.com/1920x1080" :alt="'Slide ' + n">

        <!-- Example using prev/next buttons -->
            <a @click="prev">Prev</a>
            <a @click="next">Next</a>

import { Siema } from 'v-siema';
Vue.component('siema', Siema);

export default {
    methods: {
        init() {

        change() {

        prev() {
        next() {

Available properties

Prop Data Type Default Required Description
autoplay Boolean false false Enable autoplay
autoplay-duration Number 3000 false Autoplay duration between slide change
selector String siema false The selector to use as a carousel
duration Number 500 false Slide transition duration in milliseconds
easing String ease false CSS transition-timing-function — describes acceleration curve
per-page Number, Object 1 false The number of slides to be shown per page
start-index Number 0 false Index (zero-based) of the starting slide
draggable Boolean true false Use dragging and touch swiping
multiple-drag Boolean true false Allow dragging to move multiple slides
threshold Number 20 false Touch and mouse dragging threshold (in px)
loop Boolean false false Enable loop
rtl Boolean false false Enables layout for languages written from right to left
@init Function false Runs immediately after initialization
@change Function false Runs after slide change


All of Siema's methods are available:

this.$refs.siema.prev(howManySlides = 1, callback);
Go to previous item. Optionally pass howManySlides (number) and callback (function).

this.$refs.siema.next(howManySlides = 1, callback);
Go to next item. Optionally pass howManySlides (number) and callback (function).

this.$refs.siema.goTo(index, callback);
Go to item at particular index (number). Optionally pass callback (function).

this.$refs.siema.remove(index, callback);
Remove item at particular index (number). Optionally pass callback (function).

this.$refs.siema.insert(item, index, callback);
Insert new item (DOM element) at specific index (number). Optionally pass callback (function).

this.$refs.siema.prepend(item, callback);
Prepend new item (DOM element). Optionally pass callback (function).

this.$refs.siema.append(item, callback);
Append new item (DOM element). Optionally pass callback (function).

this.$refs.siema.destroy(restoreMarkup = false, callback);
Remove all event listeners on the instance. Use restoreMarkup to restore the initial markup inside selector. Optionally pass callback (function).

Prints current slide index.


Initiate the slider instance. Useful when you'd want to initiate the slider manually. Please note that the slider component is automatically initiated when mounted.


Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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