## Setting up the development environment
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$ cnpm install ui-my-payment-methods 
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My Payment Methods

Setting up the development environment

  • npm install to install the dependencies
  • npm start to start the development server
  • npm run test:watch to run the tests in watch mode
  • npm test to run the tests just once

Running the Docker container

  1. first build the package file with npm run build
  2. create the Docker image with docker build .
  3. start the docker container with docker run --name <container name> -d -p<host port>:<container port> <image name>


Running the task download:resources, the app will download the translations from MyTNM in bitbucket.

This application relays on MyTNM for the localization. That means that every time it's compiled, it gets the translations json files directly from the MyTNM repository in bitbucket, trying first to get them from a branch with the same name of the current one and from master if the first attempt fails because there is not a branch with tha same name.

E.g.: You are currently on branch abc-123 and you run the task for to get/update the translations with npm run download:resources. First the script will look for the files in the MyTNM repository, on the abc-123 branch. If this branch exists the translations will be downloaded, otherwise the script will try to get them from the master branch. If also the second try fails the script will terminate with an error.


A Fabfile for doing deployments to the TNM Dockerhub is provided. Two variables, the Dockerhub repo name and the internal port, have to be edited on top of the file.

To deploy, you also have to set up a deployment in TeamCity. See the existing ones for my-tnm-landing or my-tnm-cpo-dashboard as templates.

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