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$ cnpm install typebundle 
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Zero-config Node.js library bundler with support for Babel-transpiled TypeScript. A work in progress! Outputs both compiled JavaScript and valid TypeScript d.ts files.


npm i -D typebundle


typebundle <input> [--options]

Typebundle's primary interface is on the command line. The only required positional argument is <input>, which tells typebundle which files to consider entry points. Any glob that's compatible with tiny-glob is valid and switches typebundle into multi-entry mode if it finds multiple files.

A single source file

typebundle src/index.ts --output dist --target 8

Multiple source files

typebundle "src/{cli,index}.ts" --output dist --target 8

Run in watch mode

typebundle src/index.ts --output dist --target 8 --watch


--output      The output directory, defaults to "dist"

--compress    If passed, "terser" will be used to minify the output

--target      The minimum version of Node.js to target for transpiling, this
              is passed directly to "@babel/preset-env" at "targets.node",
              defaults to "current"

--types       The directory where "d.ts" files are output, defaults to where
              --output is set

--watch       Watches source files for changes and re-builds, does not output
              "d.ts" files for speed



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