Tuture magically turns your repositories into juicy tutorials.
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$ cnpm install tuture -g
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Tuture is a tool for writing high-quality tutorials with both ease and speed based on Git repositories.

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Tuture revolutionizes the way of writing tech tutorials.

  • Generated directly from a live codebase: Your tutorial will be a faithful mirror of your code. Just start from a Git repo, build something interesting with nicely-written commit messages, and Tuture will bring all the good things to your tutorial. Your codebase will grow as more inspiration come in, so will your tutorial.

  • Automatic extraction of code diff: One of the greatest pain point of writing tutorials is the daunting manual work of collecting code snippets of each changed file for each step. Fortunately, Tuture will handle this boring and error-prone work for you, so you can just focus on writing amazing tuturials.

  • Edit tutorials alongside your code: It can be much clearer and easier to write something just next to your code. With full-fleged markdown support and a series of handy tools, writing high-quality tech posts has never been this fun.

  • Share your work in a breeze: Sharing is one of the time-honored conventions within the geek community, which is fully valued and appreciated by Tuture. Fortunately, publishing your tutorials is just one command away (tuture publish and you are done). Come and visit tuture.co for tutorials written by you and others!


Make sure you have Git installed on your machine. You can check by running git version. If not, head to Git downloads page.

Download ready-to-use binaries

  1. Visit our Github release page to download binary distribution suited to your machine.

  2. Extract the binary file tuture (or tuture.exe on Windows).

  3. Move the binary to your system path:

  • For Linux/macOS users, open your terminal and navigate to where the tuture binary resides:
$ cd /path/to/tuture
$ sudo mv tuture /usr/local/bin
  • For Windows users, simply move the binary to C:\Windows folder as Administrator.
  1. Checkout whether tuture binary works by running tuture --version.

Install with package managers

We assume that Node.js (>= 8.0.0) and npm (>= 5.0.0) are already avaiable.

You may need sudo to install npm packages globally.

  • install with npm
$ npm i -g tuture
  • install with yarn
$ yarn global add tuture

Installing global binaries via yarn can fail sometimes (check out this issue), so it's not recommended. But you can export PATH="$PATH:$(yarn global bin)" if you insist.

  • install from source

Clone this repo to your machine, cd into the project root and run following command:

$ npm i -g


Learn more about Tuture here.

Why this name, Tuture?

Tutorials from the future.


Definitely MIT.

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