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$ cnpm install tpo-tools 
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TPO Tools

TPO stands for technical product owner. It's out of scope why I get this position, but assume that your are just a Product Owner and your duty is to make sure that Product backlog and would like to make your manual work to semi-automated. If you would like to fully automate your work, you probably have to wait until some AI will take your job. TPO tools takes data form Atlassian JIRA and bring it to disposable tables which might be useful for decision-making This tool might be useful for project manager, team leads and other stakeholders of the general R&D process.

Getting Started

You need to have Node.js in your environment. v6.10.0 is recommended. Result reports can be opened in Excel, OpenSheet, Google Spreadsheets or any other popular tool that deals with csv files. No compilation is needed.


Install nodejs on your computer (npm should be included) Install tools by using

npm i tpo-tools -g


jiraSettings.json is the only file that contains sensitive information: team.json contains information about team you need to get form JIRA:

  • name - Name of the team
  • shortName - abbreviation (use two or three letters)
  • teammates - JIRA login of the team your are tracking
  • projectKey - JIRA project key (prefix used in your tasks)
  • rapidView - id of the SCRUM rapid view (open your dashboard in a browser and see your ID in URL)
  • label - the label used to distinguish your tasks from non-yours


Just use standard npm bootstraper

npm start

or bin bootstraper:


if your managing several teams it is useful to have option -t to specify team from another json (by default team.json)

tpo -t teamOfMyDream.json

Further development (in next versions)

  • Check if issue is split to the sub-tasks
  • Warn if split to the tasks doesn't collerate with the actual SP
  • Speed up retrieving the data

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