A scaffolding tool that grows with you
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$ cnpm install thimble 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.


A scaffolding tool that grows with you



  • Add the remaining commands
    • [x] USAGE (with markdown-cli support)
    • [x] PROMPT (with markdown-cli support)
    • [x] CONFIRM (with markdown-cli support)
    • [x] MERGETOOL
    • [x] RENAME
    • [x] PASSWORD
    • [x] WARN
    • [x] INFO
    • [x] TEMPLATE
    • [x] MAP
  • [x] Clean-up the prompt (PROMPT, CONFIRM)
  • [x] treeify before and after filesystem states
  • [x] Setup the thimble-run and examples
  • [x] thimble-setup(1) & thimble.state support
  • [x] Support plan and better logging
  • [x] Support defaults in PROMPT params
  • [x] Support formatted commands
  • [x] Support thimble.yml file
  • [x] thimble-get(1) support
  • [x] thimble-list(1) support
  • [x] thimble-setup(1) with remote support & run support
  • [x] thimble-reveal(1)
  • [x] TRANSFER => ADD
  • [x] Fix command tests
  • [x] Cleanup NPM dependencies
  • [x] Better logging for commands like RUN


  • [ ] Split out commands into thimble-kit
  • [ ] thimble-show(1)

Example Flows

module: Create a new node_module

  1. Ask a few questions:
- What would you like to name this module?
- What does this module do?
- Is this a private module?
- What's your email?
- What's your name?
  1. Write a bunch of files:
TRANSFER('./module', '.', answers)
  1. npm install
RUN('npm', 'install')
  1. Tell users how to get started:
  This is how to use this module in a nice way

lint: Add standard linting to the project

  1. Write package.json
  2. Run npm install
  3. Tell users how to use this

mocha: Add mocha testing to your project

  1. Take a look at the names in your src/ directory
TEMPLATE test/\*.js mocha/test.js => TEMPLATE('test/*.js', 'mocha/test.js')
  1. Write all those files to test/{}.js with a template
  2. Write to package.json & mocha.opts
  3. Run npm install
  4. Tell the user how to use this

circle: Add to your project

  1. Prompt to fill in CircleCI token
  2. Prompt to fill in environment variables
  3. Enable the project in CircleCI
POST { test: $test }
  1. Write circle.yml script
  2. Write run scripts to package.json
  3. Add badge to
  4. Tell users how to use it

coveralls: Add to the project

  1. Fill in any environment variables and tokens
  2. Enable coveralls via the API
  3. Update one of the CIs to include the build
  4. Add badge to
  5. Tell users how to do it

greenkeeper: Add to your project

  1. Figure out what the repository is
  2. Run greenkeeper login
  3. Run greenkeeper enable
  4. Tell users how to use it

drone: Add to your project

aircover: Add to your project

docker: Create a Dockerfile for a node.js project

flow: Add flowtype to your project

surge: Publish your site easily with

  1. Ask for the domain
  2. Write to package.json
  3. Write CNAME file
  4. Run surge
  5. Tell users how to use it

docpress: Create beautiful sites from markdown files



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