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$ cnpm install thezivkovic-react-scripts 
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This provides configuration for FLM's isomorphic React apps.



npm install -g create-react-app

create-react-app --scripts-version=git+ssh:// my-app
cd my-app
npm start


react-scripts expects at least the following files:

src/index.js  # entry to the client-side app
server.js     # entry to the server

The output will become:

build/server.js             # compiled server
build/manifest.json         # manifest pointing source files to compiled
build/assets/32f2q8fj3.js   # example compiled app
build/assets/2d0823jd.css   # any other compiled assets (css, images, fonts)

npm start

Starts the development environment:

npm build

Builds the production assets to the build folder.

npm test

You will need watchman to use npm test without CI=true. To install on OSX brew bundle in this directory.

Runs mocha tests. react-scripts will look for any file named __spec.js.

react-scripts adds chai assertion helpers for enzyme and sinon

Example test:

import React from 'react';
import { mount } from 'enzyme';
import { expect } from 'chai';

import Wrapper from '.';

describe('Wrapper', () => {
  it('renders supplied children', () => {
    const wrapper = mount(

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