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$ cnpm install testim 
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TESTIM.IO - Web test automation solution, built for agile teams.

Testim is a cloud service that instantly enables Test Automation to make you Continuous Delivery ready.


Install the testim CLI globally:

$ npm i -g @testim/testim-cli

CLI Options



Use the token you got from testim.io (if you don't have one email info@testim.io)

testim --token my.token


 --project or -p

Select which project to run tests from

testim -p "My Project"


 --label or -l

Run all tests comprising one of the mentioned labels

testim -l my-label1 -l my-label2

Grid Location

 --url or -u

Run on a specific Selenium Grid

testim -u -d remote


 --driver or -d

Whether to run locally or using remotely via a Grid

testim -d remote testim -d webdriver

Report File

--report-file or -r

Specify where to print the report (defaults to output stream). The file is in the format of JUnitXMLReportner This is used to integrate the Testim results with the CI display, usually you'll need to set the build config in the CI to look for that file so make sure the CLI param value and the build config are set to the same location.

testim -r ~/report.xml


--browser or -b

Specify Which browser

testim -b chrome

Base URL


Starting URL after browser opens

testim --base-url www.testim.io

Applitools Key

testim --applitools-key sadfsdflkjdsf-sdf-fds

Sauce Labs Key

testim --sauce-key sadfsdflkjdsf-sdf-fds

Sauce Labs User

testim --sauce-user sadfsdflkjdsf-sdf-fds

Stabilization Delay: Extra delay after browser opens before injection

testim --stabilization-delay 12000


All rights reserves to Testim Computerized Verifications Inc. 2015

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