A template-first, linghtning fast CMS
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A template-first, lightning-fast Content Management System (CMS)


Once again in computer software history, a programmer needed to set up a web site for a client. And once again, he pondered:

"What CMS should I pick this one time?"

## Why Temply

When you start thinking about a web site, the first thing you think about is probably not the CMS that will run it. More likely, you're thinking about what this web site will do and how it will look like.

In other words, its template.

## Start with a Template

Acquiring a ready-to-go, professsionaly designed template is a wise move. It will instantly provide you with a curated user experience, and will take care of pesky things like responsive design to fit your web site in smart phones.

There are many good sites devoted to templates, notably Theme Forest.

Pick one, and let Temply breathe life into it.

Getting started

As simple as:

  1. Download latest and unzip it.
  2. Install Node.js
  3. Exec npm start
  4. Open http://localhost:3000/template

You'll see Temply's landing page. To build a web site on your own do this:

  1. Download a template (HTML+JS+CSS) to template folder. Theme Forest is a great place to look for inspiration.
  2. Open http://localhost:3000/template to make sure your template looks Ok.
  3. Start adding plugins!

See it live

Go to Temply's live demo and see it in action. Don't forget to check out Temply's performance page.

Get involved!

Fork this repo. Create pull requests. Open new issues. Contact me. You are welcome.

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