Tape test runner with promise and generator function support
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$ cnpm install tape-dispenser 
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Tape with promise and generator function support. Forked from blue-tape, and all credit should go to spion and substack.

usage with promises

Same as tape, except if you return a promise from a test, it will be checked for errors. If there are no errors, the test will end. Otherwise the test will fail. This means there is no need to use t.plan() or t.end()


assuming delay() returns a promise

test("simple delay", function(t) {
    return delay(1);

test("should fail", function(t) {
    return delay(1).then(function() {
        throw new Error("Failed!");


If you're using a version of NodeJS that supports generator functions, you can test generators by passing a generator function as the tape callback function.

test("simple generator", function*(t) { // <-- Note the function* callback
  var asyncResult = yield yieldableFunction();
  t.ok(asyncResult.status, "Yield resolved to a status object");



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