This talk focus on the GraphQL server-side experience.
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A talk on GraphQL and generated APIs

This talk focus on the GraphQL server-side experience.

Due to the "graph" behavior of graphQ, writting server side code for a GraphQL schema can be more tedious than for a basic REST API. In this talk, through the story of graphql-sequelize-generator, we will see what challenges you could face, and some rule of thumbs to deal with them.

You do not need to use NodeJS to benefits from this talk, but if you do you could have find your next API generator :)

If you do not know at all GraphQL, I added some good references bellow to consult before going through the slides and the code of graphql-sequelize-generator.

The slides are available online.


More about GraphQL:

More about generating things related to Graphql:

Other references that helped doing this talk:

And that I might have made references to during the presentation

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