📦 A zero-config CLI to bundle Svelte apps
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$ cnpm install svb 
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???? A zero-config CLI to bundle Svelte apps.

This is a (mildly) opinionated and very lightweight Svelte compiler/bundler, which is meant to take some of the headaches out of setting up and configuring simple Svelte projects.

Differs from Sapper, which is a more fully baked solution including SSR, routing and other goodies. More akin to react-scripts used in create-react-app, where all of the config is hidden away so that you can just focus on building cool Svelte apps.

Very much a work in progress right now, so feel free to file issues and open pull requests if this tool doesn't quite solve your problems.


yarn add -D svb

npm i -D svb

You could also install this globally:

yarn global add svb

npm i -g svb

This provides you with the global svb binary (as well as a svelte-bundler alias, in case you like typing).


npx svb -i [input] -o [output]

# Example
npx svb src/index.js dist/

You could also add something like this to the "scripts" section of your package.json file:

  "build": "svb --input src/index.js --output dist/"

This allows you to simply run yarn run build to compile your project.


This is a work in progress/the project is still in beta. Here's some stuff that I want to add/take care of:

  • [ ] Handle generation of a root index.html file
  • [ ] Watch/dev mode
  • [ ] Flag to turn off minification (?)
  • [ ] Allow some more custom configuration of rollup
  • [ ] ...your great idea...?

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