Index of SUGOS projects
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Index of SUGOS projects


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Core Packages

Core of SUGOS

Name Description
sugos A high-level RPC framework to make remote controlling super easy.
sugo-caller Caller component of SUGOS.
sugo-observer Remote observer for SUGOS
sugo-actor Actor component of SUGOS. Homepage of sugos

Demo Packages

Demo for SUGOS scaffolding

Name Description
sugo-demo-module Demo of SUGO-Module
sugo-demo-example Demo of sugo example
sugo-demo-agent Demo of sugo agent
sugo-demo-endpoint Demo of sugo route
sugo-demo-middleware Demo of sugo middleware
sugo-demo-site Demo of sugo site
sugo-demo-desktop Demo of desktop applications
sugo-demo-react Demo of react projects

Example Packages

Example project using SUGOS framework

Name Description
sugo-example-arduino SUGOS example of Arduino
sugo-example-say SUGOS example project to invoke `say` command on remote MAC (OSX system is required)
sugo-example-rapiro SUGOS example project to contorl RAPIRO.
sugo-example-plen SUGOS example project to contorl PLEN
sugo-example-roomba SUGOS example project to contorl roomba

Module Packages

Module plugins for SUGOS-Actor

Name Description
sugo-module-noop Noop module for SUGOS
sugo-module-shell Shell module for SUGOS
sugo-module-base Base module for SUGOS
sugo-module-classify-image SUGOS module to classify images
sugo-module-scss SUGOS interface of scss compiler
sugo-module-watch SUGOS module of watching files
sugo-module-serialport SUGOS module to access serial ports
sugo-module-say Say command module for SUGOS. (Supports only OSX)
sugo-module-rapiro SUGOS module to control RAPIRO
sugo-module-plen SUGOS module to oparate PLEN
sugo-module-arducopter SUGOS python module for arducopter
sugo-module-az-storagesas SUGOS Module for Shared Access Signature of Azure Storage
sugo-module-firmata SUGOS module of firmata.js

Middleware Packages

Middleware plugins for SUGO-Cloud

Name Description
sugo-middleware-noop Noop middleware for SUGOS

Endpoint Packages

Endpoint plugins for SUGO-Cloud

Name Description
sugo-endpoint-noop Endpoint to do nothing.
sugo-endpoint-file Endpoint to handle files
sugo-endpoint-compile Endpoint to compile javascripts.
sugo-endpoint-zip Endpoint to download files as zip

Agent Packages

Agent of endpoints

Name Description
sugo-agent-zip Client for sugo-endpoint-zip
sugo-agent-base Base class of HTTP clients for SUGOS
sugo-agent-file Client for sugo-endpoint-file
sugo-agent-compile Client for sugo-endpoint-compile

Helper Packages

Helper packages.

Name Description
sg-templates Templates for SUGOS
sg-check Checking utilify for SUGOS
sg-compiler Javascript compiler for sugos
sg-electron Electron utility of SUGOS
sg-react React utilities for SUGOS
sg-serializer Serializer for SUGOS
sg-errors Error object for SUGOS
sg-socket Web socket server for SUGOS
sg-validator JSON schema validator for SUGOS
sg-server HTTP web server for SUGOS
sg-react-components React components for SUGOS project
sg-socket-client Web socket client for SUGOS
sg-storage On-memory storage for SUGOS
sg-schemas Collection of JSON schemas for SUGOS


This software is released under the Apache-2.0 License.


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