CLI tool for automatically answering questionnaires of すかいらーく
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$ cnpm install skylarq 
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SkylarQ is CLI tool for automatically answering questionnaires of すかいらーく.



$ npm install -g skylarq


  1. Read terms of すかいらーく.

    • If you can agree terms, specify --i-agree-terms flag when execute.
  2. Create setting file

    $ skylarq --init
    setting file is created to /your/home/dir/path/skylarq.yml
  3. Modify setting file

    $ vim ~/skylarq.yml
    • Update receipt code
    • Update answers to questions
  4. Execute command

    $ skylarq --i-agree-terms

    SkylarQ start answering the questions and finally display the coupon code

    $ skylarq --i-agree-terms
    [==============================] 33/33 100% 10.0s 0.0s
    coupon code: 12345



Create setting file to home directory


Express agreement to the terms.
(You must read terms and specify this flag before using SkylarQ.
If you don't read yet or can't agree the terms, don't use this flag.)

--browser, -b

Show browser while executing

--filePath, -f

Specify setting file path (default path is ~/skylarq.yml)


The question list in skylarq.yml is not complete yet.
If you find unspecified questions, please create issue or send pull request!


This tool is aimed at labor-saving, not illegal automation of the questionnaire.
However, if the tool affects the questionnaire adversely, we stop publishing promptly, so please contact me.

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