A example of project docs using docsify, and a tool to automate implementing project docs.
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$ cnpm install skan-docs 
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:books: A project documentation setup tool

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The skan-docs CLI tool can automate the documentation setup process for your project. Running skan-docs will download and install docsify-cli, skan-convert, serve, remark-lint, remark-cli, jsdoc, jsdoc plugins, react-styleguidist and npm-run-all via npm. It will also copy a set of template files into your docs/ directory and add the docs and lint commands to your package.json so that you can quickly get your project documentation up and running.

See the Quick start for more details.


  • Simple command line tool
  • Modern theme
  • JSDoc integration for code docs
  • React component style guide
  • Write your docs in markdown syntax
  • Scripts automatically added to package.json
  • Easily install and push to your page
  • Customizable navbar, sidebar and cover-page
  • Smart full-text search plugin
  • Emoji support :rocket:
  • Compatible with IE10+


This project is built upon docsify. For more information on the project or if you want to extend its functionality have a look at their documentation.


This repo is built using skan-docs. Check it out here.


Please consider donating your time if you think skan-docs is helpful to you or that my work is valuable. Or let's get a cup of coffee. :heart:

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