A Simple and lightweight tool for preparing the publish of NPM packages.

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$ cnpm install simplepublish 
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SimplePublish - A Simple and lightweight tool for preparing the publish of NPM packages.

SimplePublish includes a Babel-based transpiler configuration which supports all of ES2015/ES2016/ES2017. Plus support for Object-Rest-Spread and Class Properties. The High-performance async engine with support for generators and async/await powered by fast-async is enabled by default. It requires nodent-runtime to be installed when using modern async features. It uses Transform-Runtime to externalize requirements to Polyfills. Resulting code needs all Polyfills for each library published with this tool. Typically by using services like or Babel Runtime aka CoreJS.

Output Targets

SimplePublish produces exports of your sources depending on the entries of your packages package.json. It supports building for CommonJS and well as with ES Modules (ESM). Just add the relevant entries to the configuration.

  • CommonJS Output: main
  • ES Module Output: module

Basic Example:

  "name": "mypackage",
  "main": "lib/main-cjs.js",
  "module": "lib/main-esm.js"

Binary Output

Additionally prepublish is capable in generating for binary targets.

This generates a mypackage binary which is generated from the matching source file.

Binaries are generally generated from one of these source files:

  • src/binary.js
  • src/script.js

Example Configuration:

  "name": "mypackage",
  "bin": {
    "mypackage": "bin/mypackage"



$ npm install --save-dev simplepublish


$ yarn add --dev simplepublish


SimplePublish comes with a binary which can be called from within your scripts section in the package.json file.

"scripts": {
  "prepare": "simplepublish"

There is also some amount of parameters you can use if the auto detection of your library does not work out correctly.

  $ simplepublish

  --input            Input file [default = auto]
  --output-folder    Configure the output folder [default = auto]

  -m, --sourcemap    Create a source map file during processing
  -v, --verbose      Verbose output mode [default = false]
  -q, --quiet        Quiet output mode [default = false]


Apache License; Version 2.0, January 2004


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Sebastian Software GmbH

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