A simple command line tool to manage Azure IoT Hub devices
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$ cnpm install simple-iothub-cli 
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Simple Azure IoT Hub CLI

A simple platform independent command line interface to manage Azure IoT Hub devices.

How to install

Make sure, Node.js is installed on your system and simply add the simple-iothub-cli package via npm.

npm install simple-iothub-cli --global

How to use


iothub add DemoId123 --json ";SharedAccessKeyName=iothubowner;SharedAccessKey=mysupersecretkey123="

Hint: Please don't forget the quotes " around the connection string!


  • list displays a list of all devices
  • add adds a new device
  • delete removes an existing device


Get a list of commands and all of their options at the according help pages.

iothub -- help
iothub <command> --help
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