Generate data dictionary from a Salesforce Org
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$ cnpm install sfdc-generate-data-dictionary 
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Generate data dictionary from a Salesforce Org. This tool can also generate a file that can be imported in Lucidchart to define entities and relationships.

Getting Started

Works in Unix like system. Windows is not tested.


npm install -g sfdc-generate-data-dictionary




Command Line

$ sgd -h

  Usage: sgd [options]

  Generate data dictionary from a Salesforce Org


    -u, --username [username]                             salesforce username
    -p, --password [password]                             salesforce password
    -l, --loginUrl [loginUrl]                             salesforce login URL [https://login.salesforce.com]
    -c, --customObjects [customObjects]                   retrieve all custom objects [true]
    -lc, --lucidchart [lucidchart]                        generate ERD file for Lucidchart [true]
    -s, --standardObjects [standardObjects]               standard sObjects to retrieve separated with commas
    -D, --debug [debug]                                   generate debug log file [false]
    -d, --deleteFolders [deleteFolders]                   delete/clean temp folders [true]
    -e, --excludeManagedPackage [excludeManagedPackage]   exclude managed packaged [true]
    -ht, --hideTechFields [hideTechFields]                hide tech fields [false]
    -tp, --techFieldPrefix [techFieldPrefix]              Tech field prefix ['TECH_']
    -o, --output [dir]                                    salesforce data dictionary directory path [.]


  var sgd = require('sfdc-generate-data-dictionary');

      'username': '',
      'password': options.password,
      'loginUrl': options.loginUrl,
      'projectName': '',
      'allCustomObjects': true,
      'debug': false,
      'cleanFolders': true,
      }, console.log);


Since 1.0.3, you can now run the tool in debug mode to generate a file that contains information about each step during the process. Information contained in the debug files will be enriched following your feedback to have the most accurate information for debugging.

Please paste the content of this file in your issues to help analysis.

Debug files location

For a local module:


Global module:

  • Mac: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/sfdc-generate-data-dictionary/files
  • Windows: %AppData%\npm\node_modules\sfdc-generate-data-dictionary\files

Built With

  • commander - The complete solution for node.js command-line interfaces, inspired by Ruby's commander.
  • bytes - Utility to parse a string bytes to bytes and vice-versa.
  • excel4node - Node module to allow for easy Excel file creation.
  • jsforce - Salesforce API Library for JavaScript applications (both on Node.js and web browser)


SemVer is used for versioning.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the <LICENSE.md> file for details

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