Serverless backend for Facebook Messenger Bot.
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Serverless Facebook Messenger Bot

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Serverless backend for Facebook Messenger Bot


You need to have installed the Serverless Framework (version 0.5.2 or higher) and you're using Node.js v4.0+.

1. Init project

sls project install serverless-facebook-messenger-bot

2. Setup FB App

Follow quickstart but start with Step 1 and Step 3 to get Page Access Token before deploying backend.

3. Set variables

sls variables set -k PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN
sls variables set -k VERIFY_TOKEN

VERIFY_TOKEN is used for subsciption verification.

4. Deploy backend app

Deploy all functions and endpoints

sls function deploy --all
sls endpoint deploy --all

Now you have public webhook URL.

5. Setup Webhook

Back to the FB App Quickstart and verify your webhook.

6. Subscribe the App to the Page


7. Send messages

Go to your Facebook Page and send a message to it. The response will come from your brand new servreless backend! See screenshots in the Quickstart

Running Tests

npm test


Want to add some logic into bot's responses? Take a look in functions/webhook/handlers/


sls function deploy --all

Running localy

npm run offline

and you can send POST requests to http://localhost:3000/webhook

To get an idea about the POST body, enable logging:

sls variables set -k LOG_WEBHOOK_MESSAGES -v true

deploy, send few messages via Messenger and see the logs:

sls function logs webhook

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