Scriptcraft SMA Server controller
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$ cnpm install scriptcraft-sma 
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SMA Server


npm i -g scriptcraft-sma


➜ scriptcraft-sma
Version 0.0.4

sma <command>

Available commands:
start   Start a server
stop    Stop a server
status  Get the status of a server
version Output version information
list    List running SMA servers
inspect Inspect a running server

Generate config

Use the sma-server Yeoman generator to generate a configuration.

The configuration is a package.json file with a smaServerConfig key. This key contains the metadata to configure the server at run-time.

Custom bindings

You can custom bind directories in an smaServerConfig. This is useful when you are working on a package and want to mount it into the server.

Here is an example configuration that I use to work on the MCT1 plugin. I custom bind the mct1 worlds from their local repo checkout.

I have the @magikcraft/op-all plugin installed to give myself op on the server automatically, and I use npm link to add the MCT1 plugin to the directory.

Please see this issue about using npm link with SMA on Mac OS. You must change your Docker preferences for it to work.

So, in the checkout of the MCT1 plugin where I am working, I do:

npm link

Then in the directory with my server config, I do:

npm link @magikcraft/mct1

This symlinks my development check-out into the node_modules.

Then I have this in my server package.json:

"smaServerConfig": {
  "dockerTag": "latest",
  "port": "25565",
  "serverName": "mct1-dev",
  "bind": [
      "src": "../mct1-worlds",
      "dst": "worlds"

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