A simple CLI for creating your projects
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$ cnpm install scion-cli 
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A light tool to generate projects in an easy way.


npm install scion-cli -g


git clone

cd scion && npm install

npm link


Open your terminal and type scion or scion -h , you'll see the help infomation below:

  Usage: scion <command>


    add|a      Add a new template
    list|l     List all the templates
    init|i     Generate a new project
    delete|d   Delete a template


    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number

Note that if you are using MacOS, sudo was required while using commands add and delete.


add | a

This command would help you to add a new template to the templates.json, which will be used by Scion to generate projects.

$ scion add

? Set the custom name of the template: my-first-template
? Owner/name of the template: jrainlau/scion
? Branch of the template: new
│ Template Name     │ Owner/Name     │ Branch │
│ my-first-template │ jrainlau/scion │ new    │
✔ New template has been added successfully!

Scion use download-git-repo to down load git repos. After answering 3 questions, you'll add a new template to Scion.

list | l

It shows you the templates list.

$ scion list

│ Template Name      │ Owner/Name     │ Branch │
│ my-first-template  │ jrainlau/scion │ new    │
│ my-second-template │ jrainlau/motto │ master │

init | i

After adding new templates, you could use this command to generate your own project by choosing template.

$ scion init

? Template name: my-first-template
? Project name: my-project
? Where to init the project? ../
⠹ Downloading template...

New project has been initialized successfully!

It's easy, right?

delete | d

To delete a template, you could use this command:

$ scion delete

? Which template you want to delete? my-second-template
│ Template Name     │ Owner/Name     │ Branch │
│ my-first-template │ jrainlau/scion │ new    │
✔ Template has been deleted successfully


The most important part of Scion is template. All templates' infomation were list in the templates.json. A template means a project sample, which has a simple or complex file structure.

You can create your own templates repository, and push your templates in different branches. All you need to do then is to add the templates into Scion's templates.json.



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