Minimal binary codec for SC based on MessagePack
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$ cnpm install sc-codec-min-bin 
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Minimal binary codec for SC based on MessagePack.
This codec helps reduce bandwidth usage and is ideal for games and other high-throughput applications.

This module is designed to be hooked up on both the client and server.

To install, use:

npm install sc-codec-min-bin

On the server, inside worker.js, you should use:

var scCodecMinBin = require('sc-codec-min-bin');

// ...
// This needs to go inside the run function - Near the top.

On the client-side, you can either include the sc-codec-min-bin module using your favorite bundler such as Browserify or Webpack or you can include the sc-codec-min-bin.js file using a script tag; this will expose the scCodecMinBin object globally. To use it, you just need to add it on connect:

var socket = socketCluster.connect({
  // ...
  codecEngine: scCodecMinBin

Note that the codec used on the client and on the server always need to match.


To build the global script for the browser:

browserify -s scCodecMinBin index.js > sc-codec-min-bin.js

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