sbpak - A javascript utility to pack and unpack Starbound pak files.
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$ cnpm install sbpak 
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A standalone Starbound pak file multitool.

sbpak is a command-line utility for interacting with Starbound pak files.

For help, use the command sbpak -h


Currently available are the following commands:

sbpak files $pak - which dumps out the list of files available in the pak file at $pak

sbpak meta $pak - which dumps out the metadata for the pak file at $pak

sbpak pack $dir $pak - create a new pak at $pak out of the files in $dir

sbpak unpack $pak $dir - export all files and metadata contained in the pak at $pak to $dir

sbpak dump $pak $file [$dest] - dump the contents of the file at path $file within the pak at $pak; outputs to stdout unless optional param $dest is specified

WARNING: Git for Windows users should be warned that MSys attempts to perform some path auto-translation that will backfire when using the sbpak dump command. This is not an sbpak bug. To work around this issue, try prepending an extra slash to the path specified as indicated in this StackOverflow answer.


Licensed under the MIT license. See ./LICENSE for the license text.

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