Command line tool for creating es6 npm packages
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$ cnpm install samm 
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Sam G command line tool

A simple command-line tool to generate es6 boilerplate npm packages. I've lately been creating a lot of npm packages and having to go through the process of installing eslint, babel and the likes became very frustrating so decided to build this simple tool. It's also compatible with npm git repositories. It handles all the babel stuff from es6 for you either from the main npm repository or from github.


> npm install -g samm


sam [command] <generator>


  g     generate boilerplate configuration files for es6, meteorjs, etc...
  help  display help for a specific command


  -h   help


Here's an example for creating an npm package

> sam g es6


es6 - This option generates a boilerplate npm package either in your current working directory or in a directory you specify. It also generates .npmignore, .eslintrc, .gitignore, .editorconfig files in the project directory.

basic - Generates .eslintrc, .gitignore, .editorconfig for a project.

npmignore - adds a .npmignore file to your project directory.

gitignore - adds a .gitignore file to your project directory.

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