MariaDB service for sails.js server
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$ cnpm install sails-mariadb 
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Sails MariaDB

MariaDB service for sails.js server

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npm i sails-mariadb



module.exports.connections = {
  MariaDBInfo: {
    host: 'localhost',
    user: 'root',
    password: 'pw',
    database: 'db',
    multipleStatements: true,
    connectionLimit: 10

or sails.config.MariaDBInfo(higher priority)

node mysql was used.
same configuration

In sails controller

const MariaDB = require('sails-mariadb')
MariaDB(function * (conn) {
  let rows = yield conn.query(`SELECT * FROM table WHERE id=:id`, {id: 10})
  let res = yield conn.query(`INSERT INTO table2 SET foo=:foo`, {foo: 'foo'})
  return {rows, affectedRows: res.affectedRows}
}).then(r => console.log(r), e => console.error(e))

co was used. same usage.

conn.query returns promise.
In generator function, all queries are in transaction.
And will auto commit transaction if all promises are resolved in function
and auto rollback if there's any promise rejection in function.(only promises with yield)

query result is same as mysql

Query Statement

conn.query(sql, params)
In sql string

  • :variableName - same as ? in node mysql. target value is params.variableName.
  • ;variableName - same as ?? in node mysql. target value is params.variableName.
  • $variableName - replace $variableName as params.variableName with escaped string in sql string.
  • #variableName - replace #variableName as params.variableName with raw string in sql string. (unsafe!)


The MIT License (MIT)
Copyright (c) 2017 Elevista

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