A Sails.js hook to override built-in Waterline ORM by Mongorito.
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$ cnpm install sails-hook-orm-mongorito 
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A Sails.js hook to override built-in Waterline ORM by Mongorito.


If you choose to override Waterline (built-in ORM in Sails.js), you should know that the documentation for blueprints, resourceful pubsub and models will no longer be applicable for your application.


First, install the hook:

$ npm install sails-hook-orm-mongorito

Then, you also need to update your .sailsrc file to disable the Waterline related hooks:

  "hooks": {
    "orm": false,
    "pubsub": false,
    "blueprints": false



To connect to Mongorito, create a new connection in /config/connections.js file:

"mongorito": {
  "adapter": "mongorito",
  "host": "localhost",
  "port": 27017,
  "user": "username",
  "password": "password",
  "database": "mydatabase"


The adapter must be of type mongorito in oder to be detected by the hook

Like with other Sails.js connections, remember to use it in your config/models.js file:

connection: 'mongorito'


This hook is loading models according to standard Sails.js conventions. Therefore, you models should be located in api/models/*.js in order to be located and loaded by this hook. The model definition must follow the Mongorito ES-6 syntax with a small difference, your model mustn't extend from Model but from MongoritoModel which will be globally declared by the hook.

A model example (api/models/Post.js):

'use strict';

class Post extends MongoritoModel {


module.exports = Post;

Models are also globally declared by the hook, so you will be able to access them directly in your Controllers:

'use strict';

const co = require('co');

var MongoritoController = {};

MongoritoController.index = function (req, res) {

  // Create a new Post document
  let post = new Post({
    title: 'Node.js rocks!',
    body: 'Long post body',
    author: {
      name: 'John Doe'

  co(function* () {

    // Saving the document

    // Querying all Post documents
    return res.json(yield Post.all());

module.exports = MongoritoController;


To use the ES-6 syntax, you will always have to use the strict mode by calling 'use strict' in your scripts or by launching your node.js server in strict mode node --use_strict.

For more information about Mongorito, please visit it's official site.


The sails-hook-orm-mongorito module is released under the ICS license.

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