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$ cnpm install runup-lean 
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Lean Runup model

Runup-lean contains a Runup model with a fairly complete set of web (app) development tools. It's rather opinionated as it contains those tools I currently prefer to work with. Use what you like, tweak what you don't (and share).

I try to find tools that do the job well and do it efficiently. Currently these are:

For JS:

  • Rollup for bundling ES modules
  • Babel for transpiling them to JS in prd mode
  • Uglify for minifying them in prd mode
  • ESLint for linting
  • Thintest for testing

For CSS:


$ npm install --saveDev runup runup-lean


If you haven't yet, setup Runup.

Then let your model extend runup-lean:

// file: project.js

module.exports = {

    extend: 'runup-lean',
    // you can override tool options:
    sass: {
        // usual Node-sass options...
        outputStyle: 'compact'
    // there are similar hooks for all tools, see the flow files

    // ... other settings ...

Then start Runup in dev or prd mode as usual. For more info on Runup, see the wiki.

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