Redis Reliable Message Queue
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$ cnpm install rrmq 
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Redis Reliable Message Queue

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This library currently requires node@>4.0.0 and npm@>3.0.0. If you're using node@4.*, you probably have npm@2.* installed, then you need to run the following command first.

npm install -g npm@3

If you've setup you environment properly, run

npm install rrmq bluebird tuid ioredis

while bluebird, tuid and ioredis are peer dependencies of this library


This library implements a message queue over redis based on feature of BRPOPLPUSH and PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE, and is written in Typescript.

There are three role in this system:

  • Producer

    An instance of producer may push message to queue

  • Watchdog

    A watchdog subscribe a specified channel to watch the status of consumers. If one consumer is down, the message was being processed by that consumer will be recovered.

    There is a separated project rrmq-watchdog that provides a standalone daemon that you can just run it for your convenience.

  • Consumer

    An instance of consumer await and pop message from the queue and meanwhile keeps heartbeat via publish message to a specified channel with a per-instance unique identifier to inform the watchdog that this instance is alive.

    If an instance died while processing a message. Watchdogs will notice that an instance has timed out and the message will be push back to the queue.


  • watchdog.js
const { RedisQueueWatchdog } = require('rrmq');
new RedisQueueWatchdog({
  watchdogRedisHost: 'localhost', watchdogRedisPort: 6379,
  redisHost: 'localhost', redisPort:6379,
  watchdogTopic: 'test-watchdog'
.on('error', console.error)
  • consumer.js
const {RedisQueueConsumer} = require('rrmq');
new RedisQueueConsumer({
  watchdogRedisHost: 'localhost', watchdogRedisPort: 6379,
  redisHost: 'localhost', redisPort:6379,
  watchdogTopic: 'test-watchdog', queue: 'test-queue'
}).on('error', console.error)
.start(function(message) {
  return new Promise((done, fail)=> {
    // ...
  • producer.js
const {RedisQueueProducer} = require('rrmq');
new RedisQueueConsumer({
  redisHost: 'localhost', redisPort:6379,
  queue: 'test-queue'
}).on('error', console.error)
.send('hello world message');
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