Given an es6 input file, output its dependencies in a separate bundle
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$ cnpm install rollup-split-index 
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Splits dependency tree into the entrypoint file and all the rest.

The purpose of this module is to use rollup to bundle all dependencies into a single file while leaving the index.js file human-readable (and human-editable). It does this with two plugins; dependenciesOnly can be used while generating dist/vendor.js and importExportToGlobal can be used while generating dist/index.js.


$ yarn add rollup-split-index
# or:
$ npm install --save rollup-split-index


Your rollup.config.js file can look like this:

const config = require("./package.json");
const rollup = require("rollup");

const resolve = require("rollup-plugin-node-resolve");
const commonjs = require("rollup-plugin-commonjs");

const {
} = require("rollup-split-index");

const inputFile = config.main; // likely index.js

module.exports = [
    input: inputFile,
    plugins: [resolve(), commonjs(), dependenciesOnly()],
    output: {
      name: importExportToGlobal.referenceName,
      file: "dist/vendor.js",
      format: "iife"
    input: inputFile,
    plugins: [resolve(), commonjs(), importExportToGlobal()],
    output: {
      file: "dist/index.js",
      format: "es"

You can then run rollup as usual with:

$ node_modules/.bin/rollup -c rollup.config.js

This will load index.js, trace its dependency tree including node_modules, and bundle all dependencies into dist/vendor.js. The vendor.js file will export a __rollup_vendor object referencing all of the imports.

In addition, this will transform index.js by rewriting es6 imports and exports to global declarations. For example:

import jQuery from 'jquery';
export default MyApp


const jQuery = __rollup_vendor['jquery']
window.MyApp = MyApp;

You should then be able to load both files in script tags and then reference the default exported variable:

<script src="./dist/vendor.js"></script>
<script src="./dist/index.js"></script>



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