A rollup plugin that compiles less files into css
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$ cnpm install rollup-plugin-lessify 
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The plugin was written to transpile less files into css. The module is very similar to other rollup less plugins (e.g., rollup-plugin-less, rollup-plugin-less2) in that it transpiles less and either places resultant css into a static file or injects the code in the style tag into the header of an html document.

The difference among the modules is in their internal implementation. The aforementioned plugins use async\await functions, which are transformed using babel. If a developer writes a simpler ES2015 application and decides to build it with buble instead, then the latter may not be able to use async\await-based plugins.

rollup-plugin-lessify uses promises instead of asynchronous functions. As a result, the module should be equally usable with either babel or buble.


npm install rollup-plugin-lessify --save-dev

If modifying or extending the plugin, after npm install and prior to running tests do npm run install-deps to setup selenium.


/* some-file.js */

import './main.less';

/* rollup.config.js */

import lessifier from 'rollup-plugin-lessify';

export default {
  entry: 'index.js',
  plugins: [

Plugin options

  • insert: directs the plugin whether to insert a transpiled css code into the header of an html document (default: false)

  • output: sets a pathname for a css file or a function that receives a generated css code (default: false)

  • include: specifies a minimatch pattern for the less files that are converted into css (default: ['**/*.less'])

  • exclude: indicates a minimatch pattern to designate the files that are ignored by the plugin (default: node_modules/**)

  • options: a configuration object for less transpiler

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