A rollup minifier for building minified builds of Lodash for Node.js
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$ cnpm install rolldash 
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Rolldash (Node 8+)

This module uses rollup to create a selectively minified build of lodash using npm scripts. This package was made in response to the deprecation of the official lodash-cli utility.




npm i -D rolldash

CLI usage (npm-script)

rolldash [-v --version <latest|'4.0.0'>] [-c --config <path|'./rolldash.config.js'>] -o --output <path>

The above (as either an npm script) will do the following

  1. Fetches a local copy of Lodash of the specified version
  2. Reads the configuration file containing the regex/string names of valid Lodash exports
  3. The build script dynamically generates a build script in memory and uses it to build a selectively exported version of Lodash locally to the specified output location.


rolldash -v 4.0.1 ./build/lodash.js

The above will fetch version 4.0.1 of Lodash, use rolldash.config.js in the current working directory, and output the file to ./build/lodash.js relative to the current working directory.


The configuration file used by the build tool is specified by a simple module export of an object containing use with allows for both strings and regular expressions.

Example configuration file

module.exports = {
	compressor: {
		// uglifyJS2 settings
	use: [

The above will match any Lodash exports exactly named map, and any exports containing the word difference. The build script will output the detected exports when run.

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