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0.x series will be discontinued, use roboter@1.0.0 (or above)
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$ cnpm install roboter 
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roboter streamlines software development by automating tasks and enforcing conventions.


Upgrading from 5.x to 6.x

roboter 6.x received a major update with respect to the ESLint rules being used. That means that when you update you should be prepared to adjust some code analysis issues in your code. Additionally, you need to change the name of the ESLint configuration module in your .eslintrc.json file: The new base name is now es/node (was es/2015/server), if you are working on a client project it's es/browser (was es/2015/client).

Upgrading from 4.x to 5.x

roboter 5.x names the directory for unit tests unit, not units, to streamline things with integration and performance. This means that you need to rename the units directory to unit in your projects.

Upgrading from 3.x to 4.x

roboter 4.x slightly modifies the way it generates Table of Contents inside your during the publish task. It is no longer necessary to add a <!-- toc --> tag your Instead add a heading called Table of Contents and roboter will insert a TOC below this headline. For more details refer to the section Generating the TOC

Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x

roboter 3.x makes the license task fail if incompatible licenses were found. This means that you may need to adjust your build scripts, if you use the license task directly (you may have to ignore the exit code).

Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x

roboter 2.x introduces babel 7. To upgrade, please refer to the upgrading guide.

Upgrading from 0.x to 1.x

roboter 1.x was rewritten from scratch, and introduces a variety of breaking changes compared to the 0.x series. To upgrade, please refer to the upgrading guide.


$ npm install roboter --save-dev

Please note: Never install roboter globally, but always into the local context of your module or application.

Quick start

To run roboter, execute the following command:

$ npx roboter

Since you will run this command quite often, you may want to setup a shorter alias. To do so, add the following line to your profile file, such as .profile (or the respective file of your platform):

alias bot='npx roboter'

Then you can simply run bot instead of npx roboter. In the following we will assume that you have not setup an alias like this.

Quick start

roboter provides a variety of tasks. To run them, run roboter and provide the task's name as parameter:

Name Description
analyse Runs code analysis.
deps Checks for missing, outdated, and unused dependencies.
help Shows the help.
license Checks dependencies for incompatible licenses.
precompile Precompiles source files using babel.
qa Runs code analysis, tests and checks dependencies.
release Releases a new version.
test Runs tests.

If you don't specify a task, the qa task is run as default task.

To get help, run npx roboter --help. To get help for a specific command, run npx roboter <command> --help.

If you need more detailed output, provide the --verbose flag for any command.

Running npm scripts

If your package.json file contains custom scripts, you can run them using roboter to have a streamlined user experience. Supposed, your package.json looks like this:

  "scripts": {
    "analyse-css": "..."

Then you can run the following command. If you specify any options, they will be handed over to the script:

$ npx roboter analyse-css

Setting environment variables

Environment variables you specify when running roboter are also available to the tasks. E.g., if you want to run tests with disabled TLS verification, run roboter as follows:


The analyse task

This task runs code analysis on your code using ESLint. By default it uses the rules defined in the eslint-config-es module.


Flag Alias Description
--watch -w Re-runs code analysis when files have been changed.

Exit codes

Exit code Description
0 Success
1 Code analysis failed


Code analysis affects all .js and .jsx files, but skips the following directories:

  • node_modules (nested)
  • build (only top-level)
  • coverage (only top-level)
  • dist (only top-level)

To exclude other files or directories, add an .eslintignore file to the root directory of your module or application.

To adjust the ESLint rules to be used, add an .eslintrc.json file to the root directory of your module or application. You may extend the built-in es/2015/server configuration if you only need to change a few rules:

  "extends": "es/2015/server",
  "rules": {
    "eqeqeq": 0

The deps task

This task checks for missing, outdated, and unused dependencies.



Exit codes

Exit code Description
0 Success

Please note that missing, outdated, or unused dependencies do not lead to an erroneous exit code. This is by design, since these situations are typically not critical, and you may want to ignore them intentionally.


Under some circumstances, dependencies are reported as unused, although they are actually being used. This can be caused by dynamic requires, or similar things.

If you experience such a situation, feel free to ignore the warnings.

The license task

This task checks your dependencies for incompatible licenses.



Exit codes

Exit code Description
0 Success
1 Incompatible licenses found


roboter tries to get your dependencies' licenses from their respective package.json files and, if necessary, from a variety of other places, and tries to check the license compatibility based on a compatibility chart and a license list.

If you encounter a license incompatibility, and think that it should be fixed, please submit a pull request for either the compatibility chart or the license list.

Please note: Consider the license compatibility check of roboter only to be a suggestion, not as legal advice you can rely on. If you want to be on the safe side, consult a lawyer. the native web does not provide any warranty of any kind.

To disable the license check, omit the license field in your package.json file, or set it to the value UNKNOWN.

The precompile task

If you want to create a module or application that also runs in environments that only support ES5, put all your code into a src directory below the root of your module or application. The precompiled code will be put into the dist directory. Additionally the release task will precompile automatically for you when creating a new release. So this precompile task is mainly intended to be used as a helper to verify your precompiled output before releasing a new version.

Make sure to reference the files in the dist directory when specifying the main and the bin fields in your package.json file.

Please note: The precompilation step does only transform your code, not bundle it.

All .js and .jsx files inside of the src directory will be precompiled using Babel with the @babel/env and @babel/react presets. To customize the presets and plugins being used, add a .babelrc or a babel.config.js file to the root directory of your module or application.

By default roboter uses the babel-plugin-transform-runtime. So instead of inlining runtime functions into every file that needs them, babel will rather require them from the @babel/runtime module. This reduces the size of the generated code as babel won't include the same runtime functions over and over again.

If you are using features like async/await that will require the babel runtime, you need to make need to make sure to also include @babel/runtime as a dependency into your project. You can use this task before releasing to verify if the compiled version of your module actually requires @babel/runtime.



Exit codes

Exit code Description
0 Success
1 Precompilation failed

Please note that missing, outdated, or unused dependencies do not lead to an erroneous exit code. This is by design, since these situations are typically not critical, and you may want to ignore them intentionally.



The qa task

This task runs the tasks analyse, test, and deps sequentially.



Exit codes

Exit code Description
0 Success
1 Code analysis or tests failed

Please note that missing, outdated, or unused dependencies do not lead to an erroneous exit code. This is by design, since these situations are typically not critical, and you may want to ignore them intentionally.



The release task

This task releases a new version.

It first runs the tasks analyse, test, and deps sequentially.

Afterwards, it runs the following tasks:

  • Check if you're currently in the master branch
  • Check if there are any pending, i.e. not yet committed, changes
  • Check if your local master branch is up-to-date with the remote one
  • Optional: Generate the TOC in the file
  • Optional: Precompile code using Babel
  • Increase version number
  • Commit all changes
  • Create a tag for the new version
  • Push all changes and the tag

Please note: This task does not publish your module or application to the npm registry. Instead, you need to do this manually by running npm publish.


Flag Alias Description
--force -f Releases without running tests, code analysis etc.
--type -t Specifies the type of the release, either patch, minor, or major.

Exit codes

Exit code Description
0 Success
1 Code analysis or tests failed


For generating version numbers roboter uses SemVer. It omits the leading v.

Generating the TOC

To automatically generate a TOC for your file add the following line to your

## Table of Contents

Please note: roboter looks for the first heading containing 'Table of Contents', 'toc', or 'table-of-contents'. It removes all following contents until an equal or higher heading is found and inserts a table of contents.

Precompiling the code before releasing

You can use roboter to automatically precompile your code before publishing. roboter will run the precompile task automatically for you. For details on how to enable and to configure this precompilation step, see the precompile task.

The test task

This task runs unit, integration, and other tests using Mocha.


Flag Alias Description
--type -t The test type, such as units, integration, …
--watch -w Re-runs tests when files have been changed.

Exit codes

Exit code Description
0 Success
1 Tests failed


roboter will look for test types in the test directory of your module or application. You can add a type by simply creating a directory with the desired name, e.g. units, integration, performance, …

If you are running the tests in watch mode, tests are triggered by any change on .js files, without taking the following directories into account:

  • node_modules (nested)
  • build (only top-level)
  • coverage (only top-level)
  • dist (only top-level)

Creating tests

To create tests, add files with the naming schema *Tests.js to your test type directories. Use Mocha's tdd interface when writing tests. Please also note that all your tests must be asynchronous, i.e. they must either use the done callback or use the async keyword:

// test/integration/databaseTests.js

suite('connect', () => {
  test('connects to the database.', async () => {
    // ...

The test types are run in a specific order. If present, roboter will first run units, integration, e2e, and performance. After those test types, all remaining ones will be run in alphabetical order.

Using shared test helpers

If you want to use functions shared across multiple tests or test types, create a directory test/shared and put your code into it. This directory is handled as a special case and will not be picked up as a test type.

Setting up and tearing down test types

If you need to register any additional pre or post actions (such as starting or stopping Docker containers, …) that shall be run before or after all tests of a given type, add a pre.js respectively a post.js file, that export an asynchronous function:

'use strict';

module.exports = async function () {
  // ...

Please note: The post.js file will be run no matter whether the tests themselves were run successfully or not.

Configuring test execution

To adjust test execution, you can provide a mocha.opts file per test type. However, the following options can not be overwritten, and are always set:

  • --async-only
  • --bail
  • --colors
  • --exit
  • --ui tdd

Running the tests

To run the tests run the following command:

$ npm run test

You can run all integration tests for one task by specifying the task name as an additional argument:

$ npm run test release

You can run a single integration test case by specifying the individual test as an additional argument:

$ npm run test release/bumps-minor-version

Running the build

Unfortunately, this module can not be used to build itself. Hence you have to use npm for that.

To analyse the source code run the following command:

$ npm run analyse

To release a new version run the following command:

$ npm run publish-patch

Alternatively you may also use publish-minor and publish-major, depending on the changes you have made.


The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2015-2019 the native web.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


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