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$ cnpm install react-redux-native-boilerplate 
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react-redux-boilerplate is a fully configured boilerplate ready to scale.

This include one mobile application build with react-native and ready to be launched on ios and android.

This also include a web application build with react.

Both applications used a common part that manage the data manipulation and communicate over an api.

Here is also an example of an API.

Build the common part

cd common
npm i
npm run build

Web app usage

The web-app require the API to be launched and the common part to be build.

cd web-app
npm i
npm start

Mobile app usage

Build the project. The mobile app require the API to be launched and the common part to be build.

cd mobile-apps
npm i


On a mac environment download the last XCode version. An emulator is included in the package.

npm run ios


Download android studio. Find android SDK location.

${ANDROID_SDK_LOCATION}/emulator/emulator -avd Nexus_5X_API_26
npm run android

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