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$ cnpm install react-dtpicker 
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Date Time Picker

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The calendar is written using the React library. Can be used both as a common calendar, and as a date time picker with range. There is a possibility to choose a date by days, months, years and decades. The date can be changed in the input.



  1. git clone
  2. npm install
  3. npm start or yarn start
  4. npm test or yarn test

To use static typing, make sure that you have installed Flow.



Highlights the days. By default is new Date(). It can be a single date or an array of dates


Displayed months on the calendar. By default is new Date()


When the value is set to true, the time in hours and minutes will be displayed, as well as the ability to change it. By default is false


When set to true, a single calendar will be displayed without the ability to select a date range. By default is false



To work with dates, use the library date-fns. Localization can be changed in a file src/components/Calendar/format.js

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