Quasar framework extension which enables IDE features like autocomplete by generating helper files for IDE to index.
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Quasar Ide Helper


WebStorm team is working on an official support for Quasar and various other Vue frameworks so this extension will be redundant soon (hopefully). Right now it still provides a bit more features than native support, though ( EG. Quick Doc with ctrl-q). Few things are better in native already (Boolean attributes are completed correctly without ="")


This app extension works only for @quasar/app - 1.0.0-beta.9 and higher.

This extension enables autocomplete and quick doc for various features of Quasar Framework 1.0 in WebStorm and other JetBrains IDEs by generating bunch of files that IDEA can index easily. It was inspired by laravel-ide-helper, which does the similar thing for Laravel.

This project is still in development, so expect missing features. Contributions welcome ;) (but open an issue first pls)


You need to have a Vue plugin installed in the IDE and Quasar 1.0 project of course.

(Optional) It also helps to add Vue as a library in IDE, because Vue is not listed in Quasar project dependencies (settings->Languages & Frameworks -> JavaScript->Libraries->Add->(name it)-> click + -> attach directories-> choose vue,vue-router and vuex in node_modules)->OK away. Now IDEA should correctly resolve Vue methods and tags.


Run this in a Quasar project folder

quasar ext add ide-helper

Now you can generate helper files

quasar run ide-helper generate

After that you should get autocomplete (ctrl+space) and quick-doc(ctrl+q) for Quasar components, their props, prototype injections,directives and CSS classes. Note that you won't get auto-import so you still need to import the files in the quasar.conf.js or locally from quasar (don't import from helper files, obviously). CSS addons also need to be imported in quasar.conf.js.

It's because this helper can't recognize if you imported the component globally with quasar.conf.js or you need a local import. I am still figuring out how to provide more help in this area but for now it's just this simple. True IDEA based auto-import will need a bit more clever hacking (help appreciated ;) ).

Better Injection Autocomplete

Injection $q is too ambiguous so you won't get such a good autocomplete for it, partly because Vue plugin in IDEA doesn't properly recognize Vue instance in Vue files. You can make the autocomplete correct by annotating method with jsdoc @this comment like this:

  methods: {
     * @this {Vue}
    method () {
      this.$q. // You will get correct autocomplete for quasar injections here

Live Templates

IDE-helper can also generate Live Templates for all components. If you want to generate Live Templates (Snippets), use this command first:

quasar run ide-helper templates

Important: This will generate a .QuasarLiveTemplates.xml file with live templates. Now you need to place this file in your IDEA config in the templates folder and restart the IDE.

This is because IDEA doesn't support project-scoped templates unfortunately, so you need to put them inside the global config. For WebStorm it should be something like ./<user>/.WebStorm2018.3/config/jba_config/templates where <user> is your home directory. For other JetBrains IDEs it should be similar. If you are not sure, look at: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/206544519-Directories-used-by-the-IDE-to-store-settings-caches-plugins-and-logs

How templates work

tl;dr: There are two types of templates for each component. You can check all of them out if you type q and ctrl+space in your template.

First type of template is a lowercase component name eg. qbtn or qitem. Write that and hit TAB, it will expand into component tag with its props and lets you fill in the values. Template will also jump through places where you can add colon : to bind the prop.

Second type of templates leverages a feature in IDEA (and other editors, too) which allows you to write html tag with class, id and attributes as a CSS selector which will expand into html after TAB. So If you use quasar templates that has t suffix (like qbtnt or qicont), they won't expand into HTML but into CSS selector, so you can append more attributes, or classes

Roadmap + Contributions

This is just an MVP but I can already see bunch of things that can be improved or added. If you have an idea for a feature or a clever IDE hack, post an issue so we can discuss and add it ;)

A few things off the top of my head

  • [x] Autocomplete events as "fake" props - I will do this next release, it's easy
  • [ ] Support v-model in templates - will do this, should be straightforward
  • [x] Type hints for complex types, enums etc are not implemented, yet
  • [ ] Auto-import - this one is pretty tricky, but it may work as some hack with webpack config. I couldn't find a working example yet, though.
  • [ ] Vue, Vuex and Vue-router are not properly recognized (You can add them in settings though), I want to do something cool with these, stay tuned ;)
  • [ ] Limit props in templates - some templates generate bunch of props which are not always useful, so it would be nice to limit them somehow, but its not really clear how. I have a few ideas, though
  • [ ] Icons autocomplete - I'd love this ;) I have an idea how to do it, too ;)

... see issues for more, I will track missing features there

v0.17 Support

This extension is primarily focused on v1.0, because it uses its json-api files but not everyone can migrate right away, so I plan to add at least basic support for v0.17, I already have a POC for a generator, but I want to integrate it more smoothly into the project.


Thanks to @jpgilchrist for the research in this issue and useful insights. Very big thanks to @hwb who noticed and wrote here how to trick IDEA into indexing the component - I am a bit sad that I haven't found this before as I could do something like this earlier and save myself (and others) a lot of development time. Also big thanks to Quasar and its contributors ;)


Copyright (c) 2019-present Matyáš Racek

MIT License

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