A tool for scaffolding frontend project.
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$ cnpm install qbuilt 
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A tool for scaffolding frontend project.


1. 安装| install

npm install qbuilt

2. 查看现有模板| look up existed templates

qbuilt list

or you can input this simple command qbuilt l

3. 添加自己的模板| add your own template

If you have a template which often used in project, first you can upload this template to github , then add it to qbuilt.

Sign in github and create a new repository, and push local template to remote repository.

Input command qbuilt add to create your own template , and clone the git url of your template to it. Then , after the next step the template will be used in your new project.

4. 初始化项目目录| Initialize project directory

qbuilt init to initialize a project , qbuilt i for short.

cd filepath , and use npm installto install node modules needed in the project.

5. 删除模板 | Delete template

qbuilt delete to delete template you have added to qbuilt, use qbuilt d for short.

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