Tape test runner using co
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$ cnpm install purple-tape 
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Run tests with tape using co.

This code was initially forked from blue-tape but has now been largely rewritten.


Same as tape, except that instead of supplying a test-function, you should supply it with a generator function that can be executed with co. The test ends when the promise returned by co resolves. This means there is no need to use t.plan() or t.end()

Also provides

  • t.beforeEach( function * (t) { ... }) which can be used to run some code before each test-case

  • t.afterEach( function * (t) { ... }) which can be used to run some code after each test-case.

  • t.beforeAll( function * (t) { ... }) which can be used to run some code before all test-cases.

  • t.afterAll( function * (t) { ... }) which can be used to run some code after all test-cases.

The reason for having the before/afterEach and before/afterAll functions is to make it possible to run a single test-case with test.only() and to make the intention of the test-code clearer.

Note that purple-tape does not contain any test-runner. To execute a test-file, simply run it with node. To execute several test-files, the tape-documentation recommends using tape tests/**/*.js, however this means that all test-files run in the same instance of node which may provide surprising results if you for example mock a module in one of your tests. purple-tape does not support running several test-files with the tape runner. Instead, I recommend using multi-tape. This has the additional benefit that it can run several test-files in parallel.


const test = require('purple-tape')

test.beforeAll( function * (t) {
    t.ok(yield Promise.resolve(true), 'shall run beforeAll')

test.afterAll( function * (t) {
    t.ok(yield Promise.resolve(true), 'shall run afterAll')

test.beforeEach( function * (t) {
    t.ok(yield Promise.resolve(true), 'shall run beforeEach')

test.afterEach( function * (t) {
    t.ok(yield Promise.resolve(true), 'shall run afterEach')

test('run test 1 with co', function * (t) {
    t.ok(yield Promise.resolve(true), 'shall yield results')

test('run test 2 with co', function * (t) {
    t.ok(yield Promise.resolve(true), 'shall yield results')

will provide the following output:

TAP version 13
# run test 1 with co
ok 1 shall run beforeAll
ok 2 shall run beforeEach
ok 3 shall yield results
ok 4 shall run afterEach
# run test 2 with co
ok 5 shall run beforeEach
ok 6 shall yield results
ok 7 shall run afterEach
ok 8 shall run afterAll

# tests 8
# pass  8

# ok



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