Assets metrics using Puppeteer
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$ cnpm install puppeteer-assets 
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Gets assets metrics using Puppeteer.

Want to know which scripts are loaded in your page? This module allows you to extract and audit the metrics.


Set up

yarn add puppeteer-assets


Using CLI

puppeteer-assets www.google.com

Using on Node.js

const assetsMetrics = require('puppeteer-assets');

const metrics = await assetsMetrics('https://www.google.com');


Exports assets metrics via HTTP for Prometheus consumption.


Use docker image:

docker run --name=prometheus-assets -d -p 3000:3000 andersonba/prometheus-assets

Now, in your Prometheus configuration (/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml), add a new target.

You can monitor multiple URLs passing params each scrape config. See example

If you prefer use a configuration file, create a config.yml file. Then, run the container defining the volume:

docker run --name=prometheus-assets -v /tmp/config.yml:/app/prometheus/ -d -p 3000:3000 andersonba/prometheus-assets


assetsMetrics(url, options)

Execute the command

  • url - Required. Page URL.
  • options.internalPattern - String/Regex. Identify scripts as Internal based on RegExp (Default: null)
  • options.mimeTypes - Array of String/RegExp. File types to be matched (Default: 'javascript')

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