Adds missing trade data to the ProfitTrailer log file.
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$ cnpm install ptswitch 
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A script for ProfitTrailer that will read your ProfitTrailerData.json file and convert the average price for each PAIR into the market of your choice.

The purpose of which allows you to make a copy of the ProfitTrailer bot so that you can trade on a different market. (i.e. Switch from BTC to ETH)

Any open trades you have when you launch ProfitTrailer (in a different market than current one) will not be recognized by PT, at which point, ProfitTrailer asks for the XXXXXX_bought_price of that PAIR.

This tool will allow you to run this script on the OLD ProfitTrailer folder and output the XXXXXX_bought_price for each PAIR that already contains an average price.


You will need have Node.js installed along with NPM to install this application. Use the guide below to install these tools:

Node.js & NPM Installation Guide


npm install -g ptswitch


Note: In order to add these prices to the NEW ProfitTrailer bot, you will need to enable Hot Config within the Server UI. Inside the files, set server.enableConfig = true.


ptswitch --path="/Path/To/ProfitTrailer" --from="BTC" --to="ETH"


Put the following into your ProfitTrailer Hot Config to set the 'ETH' prices:

BLZETH_bought_price = 0.00078320
LTCETH_bought_price = 0.26052368
IOTAETH_bought_price = 0.00246733
OMGETH_bought_price = 0.02183700
NANOETH_bought_price = 0.01117781
VENETH_bought_price = 0.00706621
WTCETH_bought_price = 0.03012962
ZRXETH_bought_price = 0.00150555

Disclaimer: This will use current market rate, NOT the rate at the time of the trade. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


If you find this script useful, please consider a small donation.

  • BTC address: 1EAZKnWwdgMWyRwHJxuM1x5Ue47CbFWz77
  • ETH address: 0x66e3062A31dFDA680aDc1555f1c646d6Bb1D3274
  • LTC address: Li9MbeohmAjn1fcS15YR2f2hKs3oKDxZkB
  • NANO address: xrb_1mxdnmoszfq3je95aemcf7936s3gk5nuawkj3p5p69jcqczbgwegnonhhjjw

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