A CLI that starts a server that makes any CRUD REST request work instantly.
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$ cnpm install protocrud 
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A CLI that starts a server that makes any CRUD REST request work instantly.


  • nodejs
  • mongodb


For global use run

npm install --global protocrud

For use in a project:

yarn add -D protocrud or npm install -D protocrud


Run protocrud in your shell, a server has now started where every restful endpoint will be available.

Example for a todo model:

Request Method Url Description Response
GET /todo Fetches all todos An array of todos
GET /todo/:id Fetches a single todo by id A single todo
POST /todo Creates a todo The newly created todo
PUT /todo/:id Updates a todo The updated todo
DELETE /todo/:id Deletes a todo Void

The todo model (as seen in the url) is arbitrary, you can use any model name you like.


To configure protocrud you can add a protocrud.config.json file next to your package.json, a custom path to the config file can be provided using the --config=path/to/config.json flag. You can override the config file by providing options to the cli, such as the --clean flag

    "port": "1234",
    "clean": false,
    "db": {
        "name": "database-name"

Initial Data

When using protocrud for a project, it can be useful to provide some initial data for your colleagues. This can be provided by creating a file like so:
    "todo": [
            "title": "Try protocrud",
            "completed": false
            "_id": "5b7deb5c18e71715587dfde7",
            "title": "Read protocrud documentation",
            "completed": true


You can provide several options to the protocrud cli to use a different database or port for example.

All of these can also be used in the protocrud.config.json file, options with dots in their names refer to deep objects, see protocrud.config.json

Option Default Usage Description
port 1342 protocrud --port=1342 The port the protocrud server will be listening on.
clean false protocrud --clean Removes all data when starting, imports data from the configured data file if it exists.
config "protocrud.config.json" protocrud --config=protocrud.config.json Path to the protocrud.config.json file.
prefix "" protocrud --prefix=/api Path to listen on for requests, with a prefix of /api requests look like GET /api/todo
data "" protocrud Path to the file with "clean" or initial data. "protocrud" protocrud The name of the mongo database that should be used to store data.
db.hostname "localhost" protocrud --db.hostname=localhost The hostname the mongo db server is running on
db.port 27017 protocrud --db.port=27017 The port the mongo db server is running on
db.user undefined protocrud --db.user=username The user used to connect to the mongo db server
db.password undefined protocrud --db.password=username The password used to connect to the mongo db server

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