ESLint configuration for Pogo javascript projects
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Standard eslint rules for all Synacor javascript projects

Use these rules in your project


Add eslint-config-synacor as a development dependency for your project: npm i -D eslint-config-synacor

If you aren't already including eslint with your project, install that as a development dependency as well: npm i -D eslint.



To specify for your entire project to use the global rules, add this as a clause in your package.json file:

"eslintConfig": {
	"extends": "eslint-config-synacor"


Optionally (or in addition to your package.json setup), to specify to use the global rules in all subdirectories of a given directory, you can create a .eslintrc file with the contents

    extends: 'eslint-config-synacor'

Add/Override Rules For Tests test/.eslintrc

There are a set of overrides/rules for directories that contain unit tests. These are available in the test-rules submodule of the package. You can reference them via estlint-config-synacor/test-rules. So, to apply these as overrides in your tests/ directory, you would create a .eslintrc file in tests/. The contents of that file would look like:

    extends: 'eslint-config-synacor/test-rules'


All rule definition files are in src/rules. Edit/create rule files there.

Rules that are meant to be used for an entire project should go in files that are included by src/index.js.

Rules that are only meant to be run/overriden in test directories of a project should be included by src/test-rules.js.

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