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A simple cli tool for monitoring Plex usage through PlexPy.

If you host Plex on a remote server you probably spend a fair amount of time interacting with that server on the command line. plexpy-cli is a simple tool to check plex usage from the command line. I wrote this for myself so I would be able to check plex usage quickly before doing things like updating plex, rebooting the server, or any other task that might effect plex playback.

For v1 the only thing plexpy-cli does is report Plex activity. Why? Well, because that's all I need it to do. I am happy to consider feature requests and implement reasonable features or take PRs. Keep in mind that this is built to interact with the PlexPy API and not Plex directly so it is limited by the PlexPy API. Interacting directly with Plex is outside the scope of this project.

(sensitive info redacted) plexpy-cli



Command Function
plexpy get current plex activity
plexpy activity get current plex activity
plexpy reset reset plexpy credentials


Option Function
-V, --version get plexpy-cli version
-h, --help list plexpy-cli options and commands
-p, --plain print results in plain text (no table)
-f, --full print tables without truncating text


This guide assumes that you already have Plex and PlexPy installed on your machine.

  1. Download and install node.js

    node.js can be downloaded from here or if you want to install node from a package manager you can find instructions here.

  2. Install plexpy-cli globally

    npm install -g plexpy-cli

  3. Input your PlexPy credentials

    On first run plexpy-cli will prompt you for hostname, port, and api key. Your credentials will be stored for future use. For more information about these credentials view the credentials section.



  • Hostname: The hostname for your PlexPy installation. This could be your IP number or your domain name. DO include http:// if using http or https:// if using https. DO NOT include the port number. This will be inputted in the next step.

  • Port: The port number that PlexPy runs on. The default port is 8181 but you may be using 80 or 443 if you are using a reverse proxy.

  • API Key: Your PlexPy API key. You can find your key by navigating to PlexPy > Settings > Access Control. You might need to generate your first key if you have never done so before.

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