[Condensation]( particles that create a CloudFormation project for CloudSploit [scans](
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$ cnpm install particles-cloudsploit-scans 
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Condensation particles that create a CloudFormation project for CloudSploit scans.

The use of condensation allows the template and the code to be deployed to any S3 bucket. The template will always reference the code that it was deployed with. The stack can be updated to add permissions or to deploy new releases of CloudSploit scans.


Quick Start

Use the Launch Stack links in the Packaged Project section of this README.


Must have node.js 0.12 or later.

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Create a local.js file in config with buckets that you own
  3. Add AWS credentials to your environment. Either by IAM Profile, Envionment Variables or AWS Properties file.
  4. Build:
        > git clone
        > cd particles-cloudsploit-scans
        > npm install
        > ./node_modules/.bin/gulp condensation:build
  5. Deploy:
        > ./node_modules/.bin/gulp condensation:deploy

Packaged Project

Using condensation the CloudFormation Template and CloudSploit assets have been deployed to every S3 region lambda is available.

  • us-east-1 Launch Stack
  • us-west-2 Launch Stack
  • eu-west-1 Launch Stack
  • ap-northeast-1 Launch Stack

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