this is my opinion on koa and stuff
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$ cnpm install opinion 
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koa opinions

Originally forked from koajs/common


$ npm install opinion

default configuration

a builtin routing mechanism

An extensive default middleware stack

    NoKeepAlive: common.NoKeepAlive,
    responseTime: common.responseTime,
    logger: common.logger,
    compress: common.compress,
    conditionalGet: common.conditionalGet,
    etag: common.etag,
    statics: common.statics,
    session: common.session,
    csrf: common.csrf,
    router: common.router

The request ctx has been extended with a send method to send files, and a render method to render views using any consolidate compatible render engine, or plain html files.

And as a extra bonus, socket.io is builtin and can be enabled by configuration flag.


"use strict";
var opinion = require('opinion');

var app = opinion({
    middlewareOrder: opinion.DEFAULT_MIDDLEWARE_STACK, // this can be manipulated
    // here are some configurations, both general, and middleware specific (by name)
    keys: ['78fd9fe83f2af46f2a8b567154db8d2a'],
    statics: 'assets',
    render: ['views', 'dust'],
    socketio: { clientPath: '/js/socket.io.js' }

// simple route
    function* () {
        yield this.render('hello-world');

// a CORS enabled proxy to `gist.github.com`
app.get('/snippet/cors/:user/:id', function* () {
    this.set('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*');
    this.set('Access-Control-Allow-Methods', 'GET');
    this.set('Access-Control-Allow-Headers', 'Content-Type');
    this.type = 'application/javascript';
    this.body = require('request')('https://gist.github.com/' + this.params.user + '/' + this.params.id + '/raw');

app.listen(prosess.env.PORT || 8080, function () {
    console.log("Server listening on %s", this._connectionKey);

// websocket push example
setInterval(function () {
    app.webSockets.emit('gaga', JSON.stringify(process.memoryUsage()))
}, 3000);



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