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$ cnpm install onom 
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Monorepo management for JavaScript packages.

npm install onom


Packages are broken into two categories: primary and secondary.

Primary packages are the core packages for a monorepo. Anything that will be published to NPM is a primary package.

Secondary packages are packages that depend on primary packages, but are not publisehd to NPM. Examples of secondary packages are demo packages and a documentation website (that makes use of primary packages).

The configuration for both the primary and secondary packages are done through an array of globs.

  "primary": ["packages/*"],
  "secondary": ["examples/*", "docs"]


const onom = require("onom");

const config = {
  primary: ["packages/*"],
  secondary: ["examples/*", "docs"]

const manager = await onom(config);

// create symlinks of primary packages

// return an object showing which packages
// depend on which other packages in the monorepo

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