a ready to use set of gulp tasks
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$ cnpm install one-gulp 
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[WIP] a ready to use set of gulp tasks


If your're starting a new project, you just need to run this :

npm install gulp one-gulp --save

This will install gulp and the one-gulp node module. If you don't have a gulpfile.js in your project, it will generate one with the minimum configuration.


If you're already using gulp, you need to install the one-gulp node module by running this :

npm install one-gulp --save

and then you'll be able to init one-gulp with this code :

var gulp = require('gulp'),
    one = require('one-gulp');

one.init(gulp, {
    // look at options documentation for details

The one.init() function adds several tasks to your gulp :

  • serve
  • watch
  • writeToDev
  • writeToProd
  • browserSync
  • graph

config options







sortDeps // relative to src

Remote debugging

Using browser's tools

Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari provide remote debugging for their latest desktop and mobile browsers :

Using weinre

If you need to remote debug older versions of the above browsers, Internet Explorer or a WebView, you'll have to use weinre.

one-gulp uses BrowserSync, so weinre is already installed. You just need to add a target script in your pages and enable the debug interface.

Manual target script injection

If you want weinre to work, you can manually add a target script like this in your pages :

<script src="//[your-local-IP]:[options.weinrePort]/target/target-script-min.js#browsersync"></script>

Automatic target script injection

You can also set options.injectWeinreSnippet to true to automatically inject the weinre target script in your pages. This will only work on the BrowserSync port.

Enable the debugger

By default, after starting the servers, weinre is disabled. To enable it, just follow these two steps :

  1. Open http://[your-local-ip]:[browser-sync-conf-port]/remote-debug and enable Remote Debugger (weinre).
  2. Click on the Access remote debugger (opens in a new tab).

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