The core of the o.melon engine
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$ cnpm install o.melon 
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o.melon is the engine used for creating a web application. This repository stores engines core functionality and command line tools.


You need to have installed npm and node on your system. All base functionality was tested on npm 3.10.10 and node 6.14.3 versions.


The core functionality of this project can be installed globally and used in command line.

To install it globally, simply run:

npm install -g o.melon

o.melon uses Yarn in frontend plugin management, so you need to install it globally as well:

npm install -g yarn

Also, you will probably need administrative rights for global installation.

Quick start

You can start the project, by building it and running watch for changes, with one simple command:

o.melon -b -w

Then you can edit files from views/ folder without engine restart.


Command Description
o.melon -b, --build This command will build project located in the current folder.
o.melon -w, --watch Watch for source files changes during to the development and rebuild it automatically.
o.melon -d, --deploy Deploy files, that were built previously.
o.melon -a, --add <library> Adds library or plugin to the current project.
o.melon -r, --remove <library> Removes library or plugin from the current project.
o.melon -h, --help Display available commands list.
o.melon -i, --init [<project>] This command will create minimal project structure required for running build and watch commands.
o.melon [command] --prod Use production environment.
o.melon [command] --dev Use development environment.


If you get any issues during the installation process or running commands, please check first our Troubleshooting guide first and then you can open an issue, if you still have a problem.

Got any questions? Feel free to ask them on Twitter @oshidori_tech or by email support@oshidori.co.


Unfortunately, right now, we do not accept any merge requests in this project. But hey! This is open source project, so you can always make a fork of it. Also, if you have really important feature request, you can always open an issue for this.


This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, please see the LICENSE file for details.

Copyright © 2018 Oshidori LLC @oshidori_tech support@oshidori.co

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